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The Extensions Process Explained

The Consultation Process

We respectfully request that anyone wishing to visit us for a consultation pre arrange this in advance, this is because our focus is not only on giving you longer, thicker, great-looking hair, but also on all aspects of hair safety. We therefore need to see all potential clients for a 30 minute in-depth consultation, where we assess your hair to establish the most suitable application method and hair type for you. Lucinda Ellery Consultation appointments are free of charge.

During your consultation we will show you around one of our comfortable friendly studios and you'll often meet some of the team who will be transforming your hair.

Test Extensions

It’s important we apply a few test hair extensions during your consultation if you have not used hair extensions before. We want to make sure the hair extensions don’t annoy you in any way, and whilst this is rare, it is occasionally possible, so applying few test extensions to make sure they feel ok and comfortable is key before proceeding with your hair extension makeover.

When using the test extensions prior to proceeding with your makeover it will also be helpful to you to take the opportunity to see how your hair washes and dries with the test extensions in place; it is the perfect way to make the decision whether extensions are really for you. As Lucinda Ellery Consultancy are a fine hair specialist, we sometimes request during the consultation that you keep the test extensions in for up to two months. This may be if you have particularly fine / fragile hair or are nervous about your hair’s suitability for hair extensions. However, often we simply say try the test extensions for comfort and you’re welcome to proceed in several days.


After you have had your extension consultation you will be given a quotation detailing the cost of your extensions to create the look and feel you want. You’re then more than welcome to book in your appointment for a future date should you wish, or simply take the quotation away and have a think about things.

Colour testing (for clients possibly needing our professional colour services alongside their hair extensions services) and colour matching for Indian Temple Hair, Virgin European hair, and Virgin Brazilian hair, are also complimentary services available at your consultation appointment.

The Day of Your Appointment

On the day of your extension application appointment you can expect the following list of services to be available to you:

  • Extensive complimentary drinks including wine and cocktails (if available at your local Studio)
  • DVD library and laptop
  • WiFi
  • Snack Basket (dependent on time of day)

You will already know from your quotation how long your appointment will take but we ask that clients factor in the wash and prep which needs to occur should you be having 30 extensions or more; this is in addition to the styling at the end of your appointment. Our Hair Extensions technicians can usually place around x30 extensions per hour and remove approx x40 per hour.

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