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Fine Hair

At Lucinda Ellery we always advise clients to visit their Doctor for an initial diagnosis and possible treatment should they find their hair to be thinning.

Childbirth, intense stress, or hereditary hair thinning are common causes of hair loss in women, but these are often are non-permanent causes. Should your GP advise that this thinning or loss is a temporary situation and not necessary to treat medically, you may find our Medi Connections™ a perfect management option for safely adding volume to your hair in the interim period. For more severe cases of hair loss you may want to look at our sister siteĀ

If you have thinning or fine hair it is important to take care in the selection and decision to add further hair to your existing hair via extensions. However using Medi Connections™ (ultra-fine hair extensions) to add volume and density is both safe and can make a significant difference to how your hair looks - and can give you greater styling versatility too. The Medi Connection method and application can help you hair look its best again with healthier looking hair and greater confidence.

Initial Consultation and Test Extensions

As with all Lucinda Ellery services, an initial consultation is essential prior to carrying out any service and the application of test extensions is an important part of this service especially in cases of fine hair.

Test extensions will help us evaluate the suitability of your hair to this technique. It is extremely rare that clients hair is not suitable for our hair extensions technique, however, hair safety is paramount at Lucinda Ellery and test extensions, along with our informative consultation and specialist bonding solution will help give you the confidence that you are in safe hands entrusting your fine hair management to the professionals at Lucinda Ellery.