New year, New Hair: Invest in hair extensions

What are your new year’s resolutions? Some of you may be hitting the gym, or promising yourselves you’re finally going to learn French. But at Lucinda Ellery we believe the most important resolution to make is to work on your confidence, and we have a way to make it a little easier for you. We’re sure you’re aware of the power hair has; a bad hair day can leave you feeling a bit deflated. On the other hand a good hair day can give you that extra boost of confidence – and that’s where we step in, with Lucinda Ellery hair extensions, you can have a good hair day every day.

Lucinda Ellery Hair Extensions are an investment with the profit being; looking great, feeling amazing and causing everyone around you a lot of hair envy. Be careful you don’t listen to the myths about hair extensions, book in a free consultation with us and discover exactly what we can offer. We will find out together the best way to give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s a few reasons why hair extensions are a definite yes:


Woman with long, brown and curled extensions in her hair
A lot of our clients visit our studios and express frustration that their hair doesn’t grow. Our hair extensions are the solution, they’re custom made so that you can finally have your desired length! You can trust that we will make them blend into your natural hair perfectly. If you never tell, people will never know!


Woman with short, blonde and curled hair extensions
Maybe for you it isn’t about length. Sometimes all you want is a little bit of ‘oomph’ with a boost in volume. With our hair extensions you’ll be sure to have people comment on how thick and healthy your locks look.


Woman with brown curly hair holding it up
Dying your hair can seem like somewhat of a life altering risk. If you’re looking to experiment with different colours in your hair, or a new hair style completely, hair extensions can take away the risk. We’ll work together to find out how to give you that “new year, new me” change you’ve been craving – but without risking your hair’s natural beauty.

No Damage

Woman with long curly blonde hair standing in front of a pink wall
You’ve hit the jackpot! You can change your hair to however you like and you won’t even damage your natural hair. At Lucinda Ellery hair safety is of paramount importance. Why should looking amazing come with a price? We have been providing top quality hair extensions since 1984 so we know a thing or two about it. Whether your hair is thin, thick, short or long. We can have it looking fabulous!

Never underestimate the power of good hair. Book in for a free consultation now and we’ll have a chat about how we can make 2019 the year you had amazing hair!

Hair Extension Myths: Fact vs Fiction

It’s a common misconception that hair extensions are bad for your hair, but these ideas are mostly based on extreme examples and media scare stories. Whether you’re looking to get hair extensions and are worried about the side effects, have had a bad experience before, or you are a first time hair extension user, we aim to give you a run down of all the facts that totally put those myths to bed!

selection of hair extensions arranged side-by-side

#1 Hair Extensions Will Leave Your Hair Damaged and Broken

Anyone who says that hair extensions damage your hair have clearly has never visited a Lucinda Ellery Studio, because this is totally FALSE! Otherwise why would so many women come back to us again and again?

This sort of story often comes from papparazi pictures of models who are constantly in the limelight and whose hair is being continually reshaped, coloured and re-styled, with extensions taken in and out, for the demands of the next photoshoot or catwalk appearance. Their hair is often under stress and it’s surprising that it survives without more damage. However this is not typical of most women, who have no such pressures and are wearing their extensions for their own satisfaction and can take time to look after them.

The facts are that if your extensions are chosen to match your hair type and fitted correctly there is no reason that they would damage your natural hair. Each of our application methods have been refined and developed in-house to ensure you are being fitted with the best extension type for your hair needs. Our technicians take the safety of your hair very seriously, offering you a free consultation and free test extensions to make sure that your hair is suitable for them, as well as a comprehensive guarantee period while you’re wearing the extensions.

back and side view of model wearing long hair extensions

#2 Hair Extensions Won’t Blend In

Weve all seen those £5 hair extensions that you can get online and gasped at the thought of how bad they will look once applied, – they look artificial and they’re mostly a single colour with little blending so they stand out like a sore thumb. But don’t worry, that is not the case with our high quality hair extensions.

Our ranges are custom made for you. We will closely colour match your new extensions to the colours and shades of your natural hair, allowing them to seamlessly blend in – with no fear of the dreaded ‘I can see your extensions’ comments. Depending on the style you choose we can blend the hair to achieve highlights or lowlights, so that the end result has the same depth and look as a totally natural head of hair. Now, we think you can pop that myth in the hypothetical trash!

selecting extensions during colour matching

#3 I Can’t Treat My Extensions Normally

We’ve developed our fitted extensions so that you can treat them the same as you would your natural hair, meaning that this common misconception doesn’t have to be a worry anymore. You can shower, swim, head out in the rain and use heat exactly as you would normally.

Our decades of experience have also shown us that there are certain products on the market that will enhance your extensions more than others and we offer excellent aftercare information explaining how to look after your new hair to keep it looking soft and lustrous.

hair care products

With those misconceptions out of the way, you can see that there’s no reason not to have the hair of your dreams, so why not book in to come and see us and we can show you the possibilities. We offer no-obligation FREE consultations where we can talk about your hair goals and discuss the options we have for you. Choose your style and colour, then come back at a later date and have your wonderful new locks fitted. If you have any other extension concerns, don’t hesitate to pop us a message or call one of our studios for a chat.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Hair Extensions

It’s a phrase we hear often: ‘I wish I had longer hair’. Thanks to the help of hair extensions, we can make that wish come true.
Is it worth taking the plunge? Will it look natural? Yes, and yes. We’re going to take you through the top three reasons we think hair extensions are the best option for you, other than that we think they look totally beaut.

extensions creating long soft curls

Grow baby, grow

Struggling to get your hair to grow past a certain point, no matter how gentle and caring you are? We know how you feel. We have various ranges of extensions that enable your hair to grow naturally whilst giving you the length you desire, totally damage free.

Maybe you have instant regret after getting that short crop cut that you saw in a magazine last month – it happens to the best of us! Extensions can be a simple solution to your hair regrets and can also be an excuse to try out something new. The fact they are super safe and still allow your hair to grow normally is what makes them one of the best options for you.

horrified to have hair cut short

Cracking colour choices

The chance to try out different colours without damaging your natural hair is one of our favourite benefits of extensions. When you come in for an initial consultation, we will run through the fitting process and discuss what colour you would like your extensions to be, giving you the opportunity for your inner hair diva to run free. Add some highlights, balayage, or go for a totally new colour. Simple, easy to apply and no worries about long term colour commitments. If you don’t like the results, you can have them taken out – easy peasy!

Coloured hair is the perfect candidate for sassy updos and intricate, detailed styles. Give braids, plaits, low ponytails and messy buns a go – the hair reigns are now in your hands.

hair for adding volume

Plump it up

If anyone tells you they haven’t dreamt of having voluminous hair at least once, we think they must be lying. In our eyes, the bigger the better (although some could say we’re biased). One thing that extensions are awesome for is giving you volume and adding that extra ‘oomph’ you’ve been craving. Go from thin to thick in a matter of hours, with results that last for months.

To add some serious drama to your look, you could opt for both length and volume. When you come in for your initial consultation, colour, style, length and volume can all be discussed.

long voluminous curls

Now we’ve persuaded you to consider hair extensions, head over to our Instagram page to see some of our real life transformations. Alternatively, you can pop in to one of our salons and chat to our hair fairies about your options. You won’t regret it!

Lots of love, the Lucinda Ellery Team x


Hair extensions – formally associated with the impossibly long tresses of WAGs – are taking on a much more subtle and sophisticated form. A form so subtle, that many women are simply unaware of its availability. Fortunately, Lucinda Ellery is here to shed a light on All Things Hair, keeping you one step ahead at all times.

Extensions to combat thinning

For years, women have been using extensions to lengthen their hair, but the turn of the decade saw a growing trend in using them to add thickness and volume to natural hair, without extending its length. Why the surge in demand? Well, hair thinning is a very real problem; and it’s one that comes in all shapes and sizes. In fact, over 45% of women  over the age of 40 experience it in some form. From alopecia and hormonal imbalances, to the natural changes that occur with ageing, there are many reasons women experience hair loss or thinning. Fortunately, there are now also many reasons that this so-called inevitability is no longer inevitable.

The process of using hair extensions to add lustrous volume to thin or thinning hair was once a luxury reserved for those who walked the red carpet.  But hair extensions — or ‘fillers’ (as they are often referred to) — have taken the media by storm, and now more women than ever are demanding the full and bouncy locks they’ve always wanted, and refusing to settle for anything less.

Sandra Howard’s search for thicker hair

Ex-vogue model, Sandra Howard, has gone through life longing for thicker hair (yes, supermodels have insecurities too!) but as she approached her sixties she found her already fine hair to be falling out in clumps and becoming even thinner. Although hair thinning is a natural and expected part of ageing, Sandra decided it was not one she would bow down too. And after seeing Great British Bake Off star, Mary Berry, sporting a fabulously voluminous mane at the age of 84, she embarked on a mission to find her own Mary Berry Boost. Sandra soon discovered the Lucinda Ellery salon for its specialist expertise in the ultra-natural (and cutting edge) Medi Connections. After getting in contact with Lucinda, the model-turned-journalist came for a consultation at the salon, seeking a hair transformation that she would write up for the world to see.

After discussing her desired results with Lucinda’s team, Sandra decided to go ahead with the fitting of around 50 Medi connections to see once and for all if the media hype was justified. The results? Well, you can see them in the article along with the before and after pictures — in short, Sandra fell in love with her hair in a way she never had before. She said “the weight of it bouncing around my shoulders made me feel perky, nevermind decades younger” and “there is no describing the joy I feel waking up without hair flattened to my scalp. I don’t even need rollers to add bounce”.

Medi Connections

Louise wearing Medi Connections

Louise wearing Medi Connections

The days of hair extensions being a one-trick pony are long gone. In fact, 95% of Lucinda Ellery’s hair extension clients are looking for added volume — not length. And when it comes to adding volume to thinner hair, Medi connections hold the key. Unlike traditional hair extensions, Medi connections are very small, lightweight human hair extensions that are placed underneath the clients own hair to add volume.

The weight of the hair is matched to the weight of the client’s own hair to ensure a natural blend. And more importantly, the minute size of these bonds (no larger than a grain of rice) ensure the discretion needed for someone with naturally fine hair, or someone who has had a general reduction in volume. Typically clients need approximately 50 Medi connections to add volume (as opposed to the 100—120 typically needed when adding length) making the process quicker, more economical, and far more subtle than typical hair extensions. Once fitted, you can expect them to last for around 3 months, at which point they can either be removed, or replaced with a new set.

Choosing and matching

In terms of the hair itself, getting as close a match as possible is key in creating a natural look. Clients interested in adding volume to their hair through Medi connections are invited to Lucinda’s salon for a free consultation, where her expert team will advise you on how best to achieve your desired look. In terms of texture, our three types of hair have all bases covered.

The preferred choice is Euro Grade Hair (Indian temple hair), due to its soft, natural look and feel as well as the extensive colour range and purse-friendly price-point. It’s called Euro Grade because it is very similar to typical European hair in its fineness and texture, providing a close colour match for many women.

Those with naturally curly hair may want to consider Brazilian Virgin hair. Brazilian is one of the most exclusive and rare types of hair as it has not been chemically treated to reduce the cuticle; and although the natural colour range is limited, Lucinda Ellery’s expert colourists will ensure your perfect match is achieved.

The third and final option is Russian Virgin hair, which is the finest quality hair and is straight, smooth and fine in texture. It tends to come in shades of mid browns and darker colours, but unfortunately proves limiting for our fairer haired clients, as sourcing virgin blonde hair is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But when it comes to hair, we always say when there’s a will, there’s a way. So if you long for thicker, bouncier hair, book a free consultation with Lucinda Ellery and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

Long Hair, Don’t Care

From the Fashion Week FROW to the Met’s iconic red carpet, hairstyles are turning heads like never before. And in the battle of the locks, a handful of celebs are going to extremely great lengths to come out on top. Whether it’s slicked back behind the ear, pulled high in a sky-scraper pony, or left loosely flowing in beach-babe waves, the hot-test hair styles of SS17 are the ones that go on. And on. And on.

NYFW saw Kimmy K’s signature dark tresses flow all the way down to her famous derrière, while sister Kourtney’s sky-high pony cascaded down her back Ariana-style. But when it comes to asking the mirror on the wall who has the longest hair of all, there’s only one image that pops up. And it’s Nicki Minaj strutting her stuff around Paris. The real life Rapunzel had locks so long they were described by Vogue to be in ‘ankle grazing territory’. Yes, ANKLE grazing.

Dreaming of Lusciously Long Locks

While hair-down-to-your-feet is a bit OTT for us everyday gals, dreaming of lusciously long locks is something we can all relate to. And with the long bob taking last season by storm, most of us are further away than ever from this never-ending fairytale look. The reality is, hair takes a long time to grow. And even if we achieved this long haired look the natural way, we’d soon face a heart-wrenching dilemma when a pixie cut becomes the new must-have. No, the only way to have all the fun of a barbie doll is to enlist a helping hand. And while many of these 32-inch trend-setters have the help of hair revolutionarie Chris Appleton, you can rely on the expertise of Lucinda Ellery.

Turn Up the Volume

Of course, hair extensions do far more than lengthen your mane. For decades, stars have been using them to create the fabulously voluminous Hollywood hairstyles that grace our TVs and magazines today. And using hair extensions to thicken what God gave us is becoming more and more popular off the red carpet too. Extensions are in-creasingly used to combat the appearance of hair loss, and they’re also a great way to play around with colour and style (without the worry of damaging your natural hair).

Hair extensions — also known as hair integrations — come in every length, colour, ma-terial and price-point you can imagine. It’s easy to get tangled up in it all — so we’re going to break it down. First thing’s first; the hair itself — human or synthetic? Well, when it comes to hair, you get what you pay for: 100% human hair (available in Euro-grade, Russian and Brazilian) is the most popular (and expensive) choice. While synthetic options are less natural than human hair, they’re still popular for one-off ‘fashion’ looks such as festival-favourite colour pop pastel strands.

The Appliance of Science

When it comes to the application of hair extensions, new technologies are ever changing and different methods are favoured by different salons. The original and most basic way to achieve the long-haired look is the old-fashioned clip-in. In within minutes, out within seconds; these are the original old school extensions. The downside to clip-ins is that they don’t move with your natural hair, so they’re not great for styling (and near impossible for high-ponying). If you’re looking for a temporary solution with less bulk than the clips, there’s the option of tape-ins. Which; as their name suggests, involves a high grade tape that attaches the extension weft to your own hair, achieving a longer lasting result that you can both sleep and shower in. Like clip-ins, they don’t move with your natural hair so they can be tricky to style and conceal. Another popular option is weaving (or sewing) the extension weft in. This attachment method tends to be more popular among Afro-Caribbean ladies (and anyone else lucky enough to have a thick voluminous head of hair) because the signature can appear bulky under finer, thinner hair.

If you’re looking for a true Rapunzel reformation, your best bet is to opt for high quality human hair, applied with semi-permanent polymer bonds or micro rings. While not as favoured as polymer bonds, micro rings are a popular purse-friendly way to achieve the long-lock look. They’re easy to maintain, remove and (most importantly) re-use; and we like to think of them as the new and improved clip-in.The limitations of micro rings are that the hair extensions themselves come in a limited range of colours, (unlike polymer extensions which come in thousands of colours) so depending on your own hair colour it can be tricky to find that perfect match. Also — as with clip-ins — they leave a much bigger signature, so they are not suitable for people with finer hair.

The polymer bonding process, on the other hand, is ideal for all hair types and colours. It involves using liquid resin to bond free-flowing strands of human hair to the free-flowing strands of hair on your head. It’s important to note that this is NOT the acrylic glue found in pre-bonded extensions; this resin has been specially formulated to ensure hair extensions are safe, non-toxic and 100% non-damaging to your hair. As they are bonded strand by strand they move with your hair and look entirely natural, making them the ideal choice if you want to keep your hair extensions your little secret.

So that’s it for the lowdown on the wild and wonderful world of extensions. With so many choices there’s something for everyone, and the Lucinda Ellery advisors are here to guide you through. Whether you’re looking to lengthen, thicken or conceal; we say fake it till you make it.